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Specialists in lime mortar work, specialist brickwork, stone-masonry, restoration, heritage & conservation brickwork.

Apollo Brickwork & Restoration Kent are able to carry out work on any new build or renovation project using our considerable skills. Whether you require specialist lime mortar work, heritage brickwork, general brickwork, gauged brickwork, stone masonry, restoration, heritage, conservation or façade refurbishments, we can help.

Lime Mortar

We are the specialists in the use and application of natural lime mortars. We are able to carry out work on any new build or renovation project using our considerable skills in this highly specialised area.

Lime has been used as a binding agent in construction for over 12000 years. Increasingly it is enjoying a renaissance in new build projects because of its many attractive properties; high elasticity, excellent breathability and low capillarity. Visually pleasing, lime mortars hold great appeal for architects because of their ability to be coloured and matched to complement local stone and brick. Whether you require specialist lime mortar techniques for a new build, or for repairs to existing properties, Apollo Specialist Brickwork are the experts in this field.

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is a highly-skilled and refined method of pointing, or re-pointing, brickwork whereby a coloured mortar joint is placed to match the brick and grooved while ‘green’ or fresh, to receive a separate, and carefully placed, lime putty: silver sand ribbon. The ribbon is then neatly trimmed to a smaller scale to form a precise, raised, profile.

We use traditional methods using a tuck iron, producing beautiful results complimenting historical buildings. Old mortar is raked out and filled with replacement mortar made up to match the existing brickwork. We then finish it off using lime pointing which sets together with the new mortar.


General Brickwork – Apollo Specialist Brickwork provides professional services for all brickwork and blockwork. Whether you require brickwork for a new-build, an extension or refurbishment, we are the professionals who can provide all the services you will require.

Gauged Brickwork – This is a technique used to replicate the art of the stonemason on brick buildings, primarily on the decorative features of a building. The bricks are precision cut and shaped to create decorative features for the façade of a building or to create a beautiful focal point.

Stone Masonry

Apollo Specialist Brickwork provides expert stone-masonry services for new builds, fireplaces and restoration & conservation projects. Our range of services includes carving, fixing and flint-work.

Whether you require natural stone used for the restoration and conservation of stonework on historic buildings, the installation of new masonry or even the supply of a fireplace, we are always available to discuss any of your projects and offer help and advice.


Our team specialises in the repair and restoration of historic structures and listed buildings.

Including façade refurbishment, repair & renovation. We work with a number of prominent clients, we have delivered conservation projects throughout Kent, London and beyond.


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