Ashford Manor House

Apollo Specialist Brickwork Ltd had a huge task of restoring this wonderful manor house in Ashford. We replaced various patches of cement brickwork and sourced bricks to rebuild in lime mortar, we had the doors and windows replaced all-round the property using KMJ joinery so that lead to all the reveals to be rebuilt and bonded back in lime mortar, we also built a brick built greenhouse base in reclaimed bricks and lime mortar, a huge 30m wall had failed and was falling over due to tree roots failing the brick footings, we carefully dismantled the wall and cleaned every brick for reuse, we excavated the old brick footings and created new ones with the wall moving 2ft away from the trees, we allowed for lintels to be installed over the main roots to prevent the same thing happening again and allowing the tree to live, the wall had a lovely door installed and swoops added to give the wall an amazing look, this wall was also built in lime mortar. We removed the paint from the barn using the Doff system cleaning and repointing the barn using lime mortar.

Ashford, Kent